Vision on teaching

My vision on teaching

As much as I love to sing myself,
I love to teach someone to sing, trying to get the best out of my students talents. The students goals, taste and musical style as well as personality are the starting point.
Vocal Technique is always in service of the expression.
Ofcourse it needs to be done in a way that doesn’t harm the voice.

Singing is communication
There are many different ways of singing, depending on the musical style. But there is a big similarity with normal communication. To let your message come across you can whisper, talk, shout, cry, scream, yell. When you sing you do the same, only on determined  pitches and prolonged tones.

That’s why content, taste, style and personality decides the interpretation and the way of singing and the sounds you want to use.

Through the years I have  been examining the Anatomy, and different Researches and Books, as well as Methods, such as Estill Voice training, Belcanto, Complete Vocal Technique and still keep myself updated concerning the newest outcomes of research.

People are different in the way they proces information:
Some prefer knowledge and understanding theoretical, others learn by imitating sound, or imagination.

That is why I will never work with just one Method.

Possible topics in a lesson:

Posture, strengthening and stretching muscles
Warming up the body and voice
Vocal health
Breathing and Breath support
Relaxation of Body, Throat,Mind
Different vocal sounds
Timing / Rhythm
Interpretation and frasing